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In dem Fall haben sie jedoch relativ freie Wahl. Das fГhrt in der Regel zu Abwertungen.

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Cornell thank his friends and III, 65 neighbors Pat Neblock, Osa BOZEMAN — Cinda Wahl and Kelly Callaghan, who were by his side every Pomeroy Corazzini, 46, in step of the way in his fight Glen Ullin, N.

We are forever Leonard, 57 grateful for their love, support BROWNING — Helen and dedication to Bill. DesRosier Shook, 87, in Condolences and Albany, Ore.

David Hanson Henry Reed, 84 CONRAD — Elizabeth LOGANDALE, Nev. David Hanson, 57, of Logandale, Nierstheimer, 89 Nev. Jeanne Wong Abe, 63, in He was born and raised in Portland, Ore.

He married 80 his high school sweetheart, HAMILTON — Gerald Ginger Hunt Hanson in Fiman, 75 and were blessed with two HAVRE — Gladys children, Bracken Susan and Teichrow Purkett, 87, in Adrina Brett Anderson.

Sletten Construction moved Soldotna, Alaska; Steven Dave and his family to Las Vegas Carrier, 74,in Glenview, Ill.

HELENA — Leroy Stewart, After a wonderful 33 years 88; Rodney Jay DeLong, 61 with Sletten Construction he JOPLIN — Frances just retired on May 24, Hodges Robo, 94 Services will be held in Las KALISPELL — Judith Bury Vegas, Nev.

Gwynedd, Pa. For more information, call or TROY — Chester Jellesed, Last week, Dutton and other investigators went to the site and recovered some bone fragments.

The new evidence was sent to the state crime lab. Pippin disappeared in the Montana wilderness in September after telling his family in Michigan he was driving to California.

Initial evidence indicated he died of. JARDINE Wolf shot after it kills cat, chickens BILLINGS AP — State wildlife officials say a private citizen shot and killed a wolf in the Jardine area after the animal killed several chickens and a cat.

The female collared wolf was shot Saturday as it was eating one of the chickens it had killed. Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Andrea Jones says the shooting was justified in part because the animal had failed to respond to efforts to drive it away from populated areas.

He was the first of six children. Being the son of a military father, he lived in many Nelson different states and Yalova, Turkey.

He graduated in from high school in Midwest City, Okla. He helped move his family to North Dakota after high school. In he enlisted in the U.

Army and was stationed in Alaska. He finished his enlistment in with a disability and returned to North Dakota. He met his wife in Minot, N.

He moved to Missoula in He leaves behind his brothers, Ben Medora Nelson of Cooperstown, N. Also his beloved dog, Mandy, who was his greatest companion.

Greeting him in heaven are grandparents; parents and his beautiful niece, Elizabeth Nelson. Services are planned for 2 p. Friends wishing to pay their respects may do so in a private setting at Garden City, prior to services, from noon until 2 p.

A reception will follow services at the home of Bernie and Claudia Wevers at Highway E. A very special thank you to Bernie and Claudia Wevers family for 20 wonderful years of loving support.

He loved music and played multiple instruments with friends and family for years. He died unexpectedly world and for the world. He and tragically on Thursday, was a deeply spiritual, highly Aug.

Justin change that Christ promised and his twin our planet. We feel an brother Jordan irreparable loss and penetrating were born on grief at his passing, but look Aug.

They were wide. Toby Lambert. He was always very Everyone who was touched by spiritually oriented and cared his life is welcome to join us.

He loved Condolences and memories every aspect of nature and may be shared with the family worshiped the Creator in at whitesittfuneralhome.

Jeff touching countless lives. He was born in owned his own business and Cambridge, Ohio, to Harry was also employed as a water and wastewater technical and Kathleen assistant.

Jeff enjoyed his trade McCleary. Jeff He was respected for his attended knowledge in his field of work Canyonview and his relentless McCleary Bible College determination to help people in Silverton, when needed.

Gary Uhler; daughters Angela After seminary, Jeff moved Jason Herriot, Melissa Alan to western Montana, where he Riley, Megan Himber and Dani held several jobs including Kay; grandchildren Nick, Brett, working as an outfitter in the Sean and Natalie; and Bob Marshall Wilderness.

On numerous aunts, uncles, Aug. He embraced this Jeff will always remain in widow and her three daughters our hearts and will be greatly with open arms.

Jeff and missed. He is in a better place. Melodye recently celebrated A memorial service will be their 22nd wedding anniversary.

He Church with a reception to was a great listener and nothing follow. If a person wants to raise animals to hunt, they should be able to. Why do ranchers raise cattle, to put them in a petting zoo?

FLOWERS Philadelphia Daily News. Perhaps the man whose heart is pierced by a sword would disagree that the pen is mightier, and there are indeed some pens that spill worthless ink.

But by and large, words are powerful currency in the marketplace of freedom. We only have to look back over the last 50 years, five eventful decades filled with anger and jubilation, riot and reconciliation, trespass and redemption.

The struggle that started well before Martin Luther King Jr. Words of triumph. Words of fury. Words of defiance.

Words like those written by the great American, Langston Hughes. This was a fierce yet simple voice that spoke on behalf of the silent millions who saw their dreams deferred if not dashed on the rocks of a racist reality.

But here is the legal poetry that began to snap the chains of bondage, from Brown v. Board of Education:.

Here is the apology of a Baptist minister, W. Police lead a group of black schoolchildren to jail after their arrests for protesting against racial discrimination near city hall in Birmingham, Ala.

The impact is greater when it has the sanction of the law, for the policy of separating the races is usually interpreted as denoting the inferiority of the negro group.

King gave his speech at the Mall. We will reach the goal of freedom in Birmingham, and all over the nation, because the goal of America is freedom.

Abused and scorned though we may be, our. At the core of Dr. How consistent King himself was as he confronted the various issues of his time is a question that can be left for historians.

What was historic about that speech was not only what was said but how powerfully its message resonated among Americans of that time, across the spectrum of race, ideology and politics.

A higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted in Congress for both the Civil Rights Act of and the Voting Rights Act of To say that that was a hopeful time would be an understatement.

To say that many of those hopes have since been disappointed would also be an understatement. There has been much documented racial progress since But there has also been much retrogression, of which the disintegration of the black family has been central, especially among those at the bottom of the social pyramid.

Many people — especially politicians and activists — want to take credit for the economic and other advancement of blacks, even though a larger proportion of blacks rose out of poverty in the 20 years before than in the 20 years afterward.

But no one wants to take responsibility for the policies and ideologies that led to the breakup of the black family, which had survived centuries of slavery and generations of discrimination.

Many hopes were disappointed because those were unrealistic hopes to begin with. Even when those who lagged behind have advanced, they have not always caught up, even after centuries, because others were advancing at the same time.

But when blacks did not catch up with whites in America, within a matter of decades, that was treated as strange — or even a sinister sign of crafty and covert racism.

Civil rights were necessary, but far from sufficient. Education and job skills are crucial, and the government cannot give you these things.

All it can do is make them available. Race hustlers who blame all lags on the racism of others are among the obstacles to taking the fullest advantage of education and other opportunities.

What does that say about the content of their character? Instead, it provoked all sorts of new demands. The nation has just been through a sensationalized murder trial in Florida, on which many people took fierce positions before a speck of evidence was introduced, basing themselves on nothing more than judging those involved by the color of their skin.

We have a long way to go to catch up to what King said 50 years ago. And we are moving in the opposite direction. Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA His column appears each Wednesday in the Missoulian.

My father, who traveled south to Mississippi in the year before King was assassinated, kept a journal. The expression on their faces mirrored an intense hatred of us personally, and of everything we stood for.

Even the small children seemed to wish us dead. It made me feel ill to know that there were people in America who differed very little, in my.

A few months later, three young boys would be murdered in Philadelphia, Miss. Four years later, King would die at the hands of a man who thought he could stop the freedom train with a bullet.

But those words, and all of these words, were more powerful than any gun, or water hose, or flaming cross. Like the human spirit, they are eternal.

Christine M. Flowers is a lawyer and columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. Readers may send her email at cflowers gmail. Two others have disappeared, and 10 others have been attacked in the past eight years.

Nationwide, 85 journalists have been killed and 20 more have disappeared. Only 12 cases have resulted in convictions.

On June 25 in San Antonio, hundreds of U. One Mexican reporter was strangled in her home. Another was killed as he took his daughter to school.

One newsroom was attacked by gunfire three times. A hand grenade exploded in another. Cartel leaders dictated the stories that they required newspapers to publish.

She recounted one story in which a reporter in Veracruz received word that he was on a hit list. A colleague asked how she could help. The reporter asked for a pistol.

Citizen reporters have tried to fill the gap, posting YouTube videos and establishing websites such as Valor por Tamaulipas.

But cartel leaders target them, too, and soon the silence returns. But as Turati admonished her colleagues in San Antonio, we must not accept silence as the final answer.

Most of all, we must never forget. Make no mistake about the motives behind these threats and attacks: The drug cartels recognize that news reports help alert the public about the criminal menace in their midst.

News media scrutiny puts pressure on state and local authorities to crack down, which is especially embarrassing if those officials are secretly colluding with the cartels.

By silencing journalists, the cartels gain a much freer hand to do their dirty work. In America, press freedoms often are taken for granted because U.

In Mexico, reporters have been tortured and beheaded. Prosecutions are rare, which adds to the sense of impunity. In Tamaulipas alone, 12 journalists in the Dallas Morning News on Monday.

With new leaders at both NARAL Pro-Choice Montana and at Planned Parenthood of Montana, we have an amazing opportunity to educate the public and legislators on what it means to be prochoice and why it is so important to ensure that privacy and individual freedoms are secure in our state.

As a leader of the reproductive justice movement, I would like to clarify what it truly means to be pro-choice. First, being pro-choice means we believe that everyone should have access to all reproductive health options — this includes access to birth control, infertility treatments, sterilization, and, yes, abortion.

However, being pro-choice also means advocating for preventative techniques that reduce the need for abortion.

This means believing in access to affordable birth control and family planning resources, as well as honest and accurate sex education for young people.

It is through these techniques, as well as advocating healthy relationships and reducing sexual violence against women, that we will reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, making abortion rare.

When faced with an unintended pregnancy, the decision to parent, adopt, or terminate the pregnancy is an incredibly private and personal one — one that should be made only by a woman with counsel from her family, loved ones, and physician — not politicians.

This is what being prochoice truly means. As I begin my tenure here in Montana, I will work consistently to bring these prochoice beliefs from the public to the legislature.

We must ensure that. My goal is to grow our dynamic cadre of activists from all backgrounds and provide them with a direct line to the elected officials who represent them.

I also strive to ensure that every young person has comprehensive, medically accurate sex education, which includes information on sexuality, gender identit, and healthy relationships.

In short, my goal is to ensure that every Montanan has access to affordable reproductive health care, is fully informed of their choices and has the freedom to plan their family how they see fit.

Lofty goals, yes; but, I am certainly not alone in the fight. I would like to thank the Montana Reproductive Rights Coalition for their commitment to reproductive justice and support of NARAL Pro-Choice Montana in the past and into the future.

Organizations like Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana, Blue Mountain Clinic, the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Montana Human Rights Network and the ACLU of Montana bring important perspectives and enthusiasm for our goals.

I am honored to be a part of such an amazing team. I am committed to working alongside our allies throughout the state on issues of reproductive justice.

There are many ways you can support NARAL Pro-Choice Montana. Go to www. Letters ECONOMY Perhaps thrift store shopping a trend As usual, Al Lewis wrote an excellent article Business page, Aug.

He mentioned several corporations that are experiencing flagging sales and two or three where sales figures are up. Just as a thought, perhaps more Americans are shopping at thrift stores.

These stores, often owned and operated by charities, sell merchandise for considerably less than the stores mentioned by Lewis.

Many items sold in the thrift stores are new, and there no longer seems to be a stigma attached to shopping at these stores.

The typewriter ribbon cost less than a dollar at Goodwill. My last two swimsuits, purchased new, cost 89 cents each. The various dollar stores often have good buys.

George Sherry, Missoula. Nothing could be further from the truth; want to prove it to yourself? The reply, if you even get one, will be political double speak, a non committal statement or a form letter.

I have called the office of Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont. So, why do we tolerate this kind of behavior from our elected officials?

Our senators seem to have forgotten that they are accountable to the people who sent them to Washington.

Both Sens. Jon Tester, D-Mont. They have supported our president and his policies to the detriment of all Americans.

They have passed bills without reading them, voted for unpopular amendments, advocated use of the IRS to intimidate and mislead the people of Montana.

Form letters, dodging issues important to Montanans, blindly supporting the current administration policies, abject loyalty to the Democratic Party, ignoring the will of the people and political double speak.

These are not the attributes of an. To comment on any of these letters, go to Missoulian. John Mello, Kila. SOME KIDS ARE CHIPS OFF THE NEW BLOCK.

Fostering changes lives. Hear how at a foster parent education session, Sept. Dan Fox Family Care Program S. Reserve St. ED CHABEREK Rhetoric skips history, facts Ed Chaberek of Superior needs to have reviewed the creation of the United States of America and done a little research into the funding of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America before writing his letter to the editor Aug.

In large part due to this history, our Constitution requires separation of state and religion. If you are old enough, think back to the concern raised that the Pope would run our country if JFK was elected.

The purpose of this separation is NOT the persecution of Christians as Chaberek clams, but was intended by our founders to allow multiple forms of religion without government intervention, such as Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Unitarian, etc.

Second: a little research into the Planned Parenthood organization will reveal to Chaberek that only approximately one third of its funding is from the U.

Government, which by law, cannot be used for abortion. Planned Parenthood dispenses health advice, some of which include the options available to pregnant women — one of these is abortion.

Each woman is free to choose her own path. Burt Caldwell, Missoula. Editorial policy: The Missoulian strives to present ideas from a diverse array of writers.

Signed commentary, columns, letters and editorial cartoons represent the independent views of the authors.

Letters policy: The Missoulian welcomes and encourages letters to the editor on topics of general interest. Letters should be no more than words.

The Missoulian reserves the right to reject or edit letters for content and length. The Missoulian prints as many letters as possible, but cannot print them all due to space considerations.

More letters are available online at www. Submission of letters and other commentary constitutes permission to publish in print and online editions of the Missoulian.

Mail letters to: Missoulian Letters, P. Fax: Email: oped missoulian. We have a wonderful choice of meats, fish and pasta, salads and desserts.

We even have a Paleo Caveman special! We are committed to giving you an enjoyable experience from the time you enter until the time you leave.

COM FOR your parking to completely take your MORE DETAILS mind off the stresses of looking for a LAST DAY! Just park in the parking garage across the street and bring your parking stub to us for validation.

For entertainer Charles Phoenix, imagination is magical ingredient By NOELLE CARTER Los Angeles Times. Think Day-Glo! And there would be those motorized pool toys with remote controls for the gearheads, so they can fight in the water.

Imagine remote-control unicorns fighting in a pool. No problem. Focus on the spread. Take the Astro Weenie Party Tree. Picture a craft store foam cone wrapped in foil and covered with an assortment of cocktail onions, broccoli bites, cheese cubes and miniature pickles, everything impaled on colorful toothpicks.

The tree, originally created for Christmas parties, will work for any occasion — feel free to make it sweet or savory, so long as it contains the namesake cocktail weenies.

Charles Phoenix loves going over the top with his foods for parties with items such as this Bambrosinana, above and bottom center, as well as his Seven-Layer Soda Pop Rocks Cake, bottom right, Astro Weenie Party Tree, bottom left, and Inchezonya, in hand.

Admire, present and then He began shopping at thrift stores at the. Sports on your tablet? News on your PC? Weather on your phone?

For less than a nickel a day, you can stay connected to Missoula with a digital subscription to the Missoulian. Being on the cutting edge has never been easier.

Or cheaper. Find out more at missoulian. One day he happened upon a shoe box of old slides. He began noticing the food pictured in the slides, creations like the party tree.

And he noticed a lot of ambrosia. This is fun food! Whimsical as it may appear, Phoenix is particular about the components.

As the layers come together, vanilla wafers, sliced banana and maraschino cherries are added for garnish.

Perhaps his most famous dish is the Cherpumple, the dessert equivalent of a turducken, consisting of three pies cherry, pumpkin and apple baked into a three-layer cake.

See KITSCHY, Page C2. A fresh take on the simple bread and tomato lunch hunk of cheese and a jar of blisteringly hot mustard.

When I was a kid, my goAs repetitive as that to summer sandwich — lunch sounds, it actually and I always made it for was a wonderfully myself because I was the delicious way to explore only one who could make the different cuisines.

The slab had to weekends quite so much. No and then. But I still crave ends or tops, please. Rich year — the simple and creamy and sharp pleasure of bread and and fresh.

To this day, tomato. So I decided to that sandwich remains a create a grown up comfort food I return to. By the time I was a But the focus, as it tween, my family had should be, remains on the moved to Germany and bread and tomatoes.

We called it eating our way Tomato Bread through the continent, Start to finish: 15 for dining and planning minutes on dining did seem to occupy much of our time.

Then on to a sourdough bread grocer for tomatoes, a By J. HIRSCH Associated Press. The cake is frosted About 20 cups 10 Heat the oven to in white and decorated pounds prepared white degrees.

Slice into the cake Rocks and it looks like a Candy wax soda bottles, noodles according to the instructions on the box. In Technicolor rainbow.

Dip 6 of the corn tortillas in the sauce and oil and egg whites as plus draining time for the form a single layer at the instructed cake mix fruit cocktail base of the pan.

Divide Ambrosia cheese mix over the the cake mix among 1 1 gallon can fruit prepared 8- or 9-inch cake tortillas, and spoon onecocktail pans you will end up with half of the browned beef Red food coloring over the cheese.

Top with a one extra layer of cake not 1 16 ounces tub needed for this recipe. Add layer of lasagna noodles. Bake according noodle to garnish the top Drain the fruit of the dish.

Place the fruit in the refrigerator, are cool, begin assembling aluminum foil and bake for 35 minutes to warm all the the final cake.

Place the uncovered, for at least 24 first layer on the cake stand fillings and marry the hours to drain completely.

Increase the heat In a large bowl, stir a few or platter and top with a to degrees, remove the layer of frosting. Sprinkle drops of the food coloring into the whipped cream to over a packet of Pop Rocks.

Gently fold in bake until the cheese is cake, and repeat until the the drained fruit with the cake is seven layers. As the melted and golden-brown coconut and in spots, 10 to 15 minutes.

Cover and While the Inchezonya is will become top-heavy and refrigerate until needed. Spray the fall; to help stabilize the quarts of ambrosia, more remaining noodle with cake, run skewers or cake than is needed for the cooking spray and place on dowels available at cake remainder of the recipe; and cooking supply stores a greased and foil-lined the ambrosia will keep up baking sheet.

Cut the through the layers. Broil the remaining Pop Rocks to Prepared ambrosia noodle just until the decorate. Note: The Pop Banana pudding four onions start to wilt but Rocks will become sticky 3.

Set pudding, prepared aside to cool, and cut the opened and if handled. Carefully onto the side of the cake. Arrange the Alternate layers of Per serving: calories: bottle-topped skewers on the ambrosia and banana top of the cake to decorate.

Decorate the top carbohydrates: grams, mg, sugar: 7 grams, as desired. This can be fiber: 1 gram, fat: 25 grams, sodium: 1, mg made up to a few hours in saturated fat: 6 grams, advance to keep the Adapted from Charles cholesterol: 0, sugar: banana slices from Phoenix.

This recipe grams, sodium: mg browning, brush with a requires a large 3-quart little lemon water. We tested the inch aluminum roasting n Makes 20 to 24 cake in the Test Kitchen servings pan or baking dish.

Heat the oven to broil. In a small, sturdy bowl, combine the garlic, rosemary, olive oil, salt and black pepper, to taste. Mix well, then use the back of a heavy spoon to mash the garlic and rosemary together to form a paste.

This also can be done using a mortar and pestle, or a mini food processor. Spread a quarter of the mixture over one side of each slice of bread.

Slice 2 thick slabs out of the center of each tomato. Reserve the tops and bottoms of the tomatoes for another use. Set 2 slabs over each piece of bread.

Shave some of the Parmesan over the tomatoes on each slice. Serve immediately. Nutrition information per serving: calories; calories from fat 36 percent of total calories ; 22 g fat 5 g saturated; 0 g trans fats ; 15 mg cholesterol; 63 g carbohydrate; 5 g fiber; 7 g sugar; 22 g protein; 1, mg sodium.

Use this new searchable, comprehensive collection of sales at your favorite local stores to browse, connect with other shoppers, and save a bundle.

Missoulian Classified, Wednesday, August 28, - C3 BREAKING NEWS TEXT ALERTS sign up at missoulian. Please pay in advance, cancelable, non refundable.

Not good on Business Opportunities or Employment. Barbecue Grill Propane , on street at W. Crestline, to give away Donate your good used furniture or appliances to help prevent child abuse through the Parenting Place.

Donation Warehouse - Call for appointment. Free pickup available. Tax deductible. Donation Warehouse - North Ave.

W 2 story playhouse, can be dismantled and rebuilt or used for scrap; and a picket fence, back yard of Toole To give away: Sony 32" TV Call Msla area.

Will help load. Call for more info: Problem Pets? We can help. Contact HSWM behavior hot line. Saturday p. Call Walt MPD, Starr Piano to give away, Plays nice.

Front legs need fixed. In Our Basement, Must Hire Professional to Hall out of house. Gray and black stripes with cream undertone, distinctive M between the eyes.

In vicinity of Mtn Johnson. Please call Lost: Boat Cushion. FOUND PETS Please visit the shelter's website or facility to view found pets.

Found pets are also posted to www. Found: Water Bottles Alberton Gorge. Found fly box on fork of Bitterroot. To claim email precise description of location, type of box and flies to PKOlebear gmail.

Bannack Pl-Hillview Lost: keys on Blackfoot Rd. Initial donation must be completed by 8. Coupon redeemable only upon completing successful donations.

May not be combined with any other offer. Only at participating locations. PUBLIC NOTICES. Area Phone Prefixes Corvallis Darby Hamilton Stevensville For a list of Current Job Openings at Missoula County Public Schools go to: www.

Property Manager The Missoula Housing Authority seeks a high-energy, dedicated individual to perform duties of LIHTC Property Manager.

Position will be full time. Duties include: Under limited supervision, supervises, administers, monitors and implements policies and procedures to ensure peak performance of properties and timely and complete compliance with requirements of various funding agencies.

LIHTC Certification is preferred. Apply in person Best Bet Casino Brooks. The Missoulian wants to protect all our customers. Charge: battery.

Bond: none. Lisa Marion Dobbyn, 48, block of Sunnybrook Blvd. Charge: violation of probation original charge: reckless driving.

Rick Michael Dougan, 58, block of Campagna Lane, Port Charlotte. Charge: loitering or prowling. Morris Lee Keel Jr. Charge: driving with a suspended license.

Gerald Bernard Oliver, 43, block of E. Charlotte Ave. Charge: out-of-county warrant. His bond information was unavailable Tuesday.

Kerin Ann Schweigert, 20, block of Nassau St. Charge: failure to appear. Douglas Alan Shamp, 28, block of Porto Chico Ave.

Amanda Christie Torres, 44, block of Charleston Circle, Port Charlotte. Charge: grand theft. Jason Clifford Wardally, 36, block of Midway Blvd.

Charges: burglary, disorderly intoxication, criminal mischief and violation of probation. The Punta Gorda Police Department reported the following arrest: Sergey Aleksandrovic Strelkov, 21, block of Palisades Ave.

Charge: DUI. This fun-filled educational program is for preschool children ages 3 to 5 and their caregivers, to learn about nature and its wonderful inhabitants!

The program is free, but donations are accepted readily. The CHEC is a c 3 nonprofit corporation that helps preserve a natural legacy for future generations through environmental education.

For more information, call , or visit www. Comcast offers job fair Comcast has sched- uled a job fair for open positions in Southwest Florida.

Positions include retail and business sales and installation, and service technicians based in Charlotte, Collier, Lee and Sarasota counties.

Recruiters and hiring managers will be on-site to conduct interviews for qualified candidates. The fair is set for 4 p. Comcast offers com- petitive pay and benefits for full- and part-time employees, including insurance, free digital television and Internet service for employees in serviceable areas, a k program and a stock purchase plan.

Meals on Wheels to hold Visani fundraiser Meals on Wheels of Charlotte County will hold a fundraiser at 8 p. There is also a two-drink purchase minimum.

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis in the fundraiser section. To book a reservation, Got a boat to sell?

Call call , and mention Meals on Wheels. Tickets may be picked up at the Meals on Wheels, Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. For more information, call Debbie at Visani opens for dinner at 5 p.

Charlotte Hearing Center, Inc. I - Bethany L. Walden, Au. ACROSS 1 Takes out in an arcade, as bad guys 5 Longtime AFL president Gompers 11 Rank above cpl.

But the Leg- islature's self-proclaimed largesse in raising school spending relies on a familiar, if tiring, shell game.

That increase does nothing to replace a state-man- dated cut in district millage rates for capital projects.

Building up a reserve against an inevitable future economic downturn isn't a terrible thing, but lawmakers' crowing about their commitment to education while merely raising school funding to below previous levels and doing so through local school districts is cynical at best.

In the end, all of the tax money comes from taxpayers, but the key difference is sales taxes are paid one drip at a time, and are augmented by visitor spending, while property taxes arrive like a wave.

The difference is the reduction in state funding. The district's RLE millage rate actually will fall by. A preliminary estimate of property values will be released by the Charlotte County Property Appraiser in June and a final figure, based on values as of Jan.

Meanwhile, district budget officials will tally up expenses and revenues from the fiscal year to determine what's left in the budget pot.

Another wild card in the budgeting process will be student population. While surrounding counties have seen student numbers rise in recent years as the economy improved, Charlotte County is projected to lose anoth- er students when school starts in August.

Student numbers are a double-edged sword, with increas- es allowing the district to spread out its fixed costs among more students, but at certain levels requiring it to hire more teachers to meet class size requirements.

Falling student counts do the opposite. Between and today, the number of students has fallen from 18, to 16,, according to district Director of Information Services JohnWeant.

There's little the district can do to prime that pump. When I handed my money for payment, I was surprised to hear that my meal, as well as three others, were paid by someone ahead of us.

I am thanking the driver for the surprise and telling him or her that this was the first "act of kindness" I received.

Thank you, again, for my breakfast. It was very kind of Marge Szmania Port Charlotte AwA;I "MR.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Remembering Reagan, Iraq War Editor: Four dead Americans in Benghazi, one of whom said that they didn't need extra security, and because of that the president should be impeached.

I'm still confused on what lie got them killed. Under Reagan, service members were killed because of lax security in a hostile zone. Not only was security lax, the soldiers were not allowed to have ammunition in their weapons.

Let's not even get into the Iraq War. David Anderson Punta Gorda Another view of boat race Editor: Be careful what you wish for if you invest on this island.

It's for sale to anyone who wants to hustle it. Thunder boats, co buses, 40, wande tourists into neighbc several thousand be and island property who thought they b privacy, the Pass and Punta Gorda, chain commerce and other been relentless, adv Gulf of Mexico Engle Beach as "Punta Goi to perhaps unsuspec out-of-town investor history.

It's 20 miles And they did it agair ing these races as if t in Charlotte Harbor, Gorda. Useppa looks gooc Alan Middle Ame bound for Toi pters, A hint might be in our cele- iring brations of a Mexican holiday, orhoods of Cinco de Mayo, which set the achfront Mexican people free from owners, French rule and getting land ought into reform, only to be replaced 1 Gulf.

Oh yes! That's Well, it just might be Canada s distant, where we may be celebrat- i promot- ing the Fourth of July, our they were independence and freedom Punta from England replaced with a democratic republic and d.

Lessman the United Corporations of Punta Gorda America, and the Vatican at the direction of SCOTUS, all hell bent on eliminating the rica Constitution.

Editor: Statistics show we as a country and the middle class have been stuck in neutral while the rest of the industrial nations have caught up to and are passing us in life expectancy, health, wealth and education.

Where are we heading? Richard E. Stowell North Port Thanks for kindness at McDonald's Editor: I was waiting in line for breakfast at the Murdock Who next atop the food chain?

Editor: One writer recently made several interesting and legiti- mate points in a letter of May 1. The Vostok ice core samples and other indicators do indeed demonstrate an interestingly cyclical series of carbon dioxide peaks and rising temperatures.

The point is not that they will inevitably happen again, the point is that we are accelerating the next peak. We have consumed and continue to so do what it has taken millions of years to create, our fossil fuels.

We have done this over the past century and a half when it comes to petroleum and natural gas, coal a bit longer.

We have been living in an extended period of benign weather. Solar storms, meteors, volcanic eruptions and tec- tonic plate shifts, causing both earthquakes and tsunamis, are indeed beyond our ability to control, although we are getting better at anticipating their incipiency.

Sort of makes one wonder about what kind of beneficent creator deity thought this system up. My only question is what will replace us at the top of the food chain after our species comes to a premature end?

Unfortunately, we are also prematurely hastening the end of many other species in the process. From dust we were created and to dust we will surely return.

Tom Pritchard Rotonda West Ennui and self-loathing in this town This is the time when Americans renew their hatred ofWashington and Washington wallows in a bitter- sweet cocktail of self-love and self-loathing.

Which is to say, this is White House Correspondents' Association weekend, with the dinner Saturday night amid a galaxy of pre- and after-parties.

Attendant to these events is also the annual handwringing about the dinner's value. Those questioning, of course, are the media, who create the problem, then examine the problem, then suggest ways to solve the problem that we don't really believe is a problem and then go on to repeat the problem.

The rest of the world couldn't care less about the dinner except perhaps to note thatWashington is out of touch with regular Americans and that journalists are too schmoozy with official- dom.

Most journalists would agree, but who would want to miss the scholarship awards? Oh, you didn't know about those? What we all hate most is the attendance of so many celebri- ties, who undermine the noble purpose of this convocation.

Moreover, they tend to make journalists, who have spent considerable time looking their red-carpet best, feel like last week's tulips.

Hence, the popular de- scription ofWashington as "Hollywood for Ugly People," and the dinner as the "Nerd Prom. The buzz-killer crowd, however, is quickly forgotten once inside, where an avenue of cameras and lights awaits stars passing along the red carpet.

Note to future newbies: Your entrance is upstairs. Otherwise, you risk a probable humiliation that the lights will suddenly go dark and your grand entrance becomes a soul-killing walk of shame past a gantlet of fish-eyed fans of other people.

This experience can be helpful, on the other hand, as you summon the requisite pose of perpetual self-awareness. Your thinking should follow this vein: It's not that you want to go to the dinner.

It's your job to go. Whither goes the president, so go the media. And of course, the media did invite him, as well as all those celebrities we find so disruptive.

There's a circularity to all of this that suggests an apt metaphor. Another handy prompt to self-awareness is being grid- locked among 2, overheated people in long gowns and tuxedos as one tries to funnel one's way toward the escalator to the pre-party area.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with cab- inet members and screen stars reminds us that no matter one's station in life, we all perspire the same.

Almost no one present will fail to note his or her ambigu- ity toward the dinner and the parties that most are dying to attend.

There are exceptions to this club-think, notably The NewYork Times and Tom Brokaw. The Times stopped sending its staffers several years ago, saying the media shouldn't be partying with people it covers.

Brokaw made headlines when he protested the celebrity-driven nature of the evening, specifi- cally following Lindsay Lohan's overshadowing presence the year before last.

He lamented that the purpose of the evening -to allow journalists and politi- cians to mingle in a lighthearted, relaxed environment had been hijacked.

He was right about the Lohan spectacle. I was standing nearby visiting with Lohan's hostess, GretaVan Susteren, when none other than Rick Santorum brought his daughters for a snapshot with the starlet.

Brokaw is also right about the superficiality and misplaced emphasis of the evening. For this reason, many of us, includ- ingVan Susteren, swear we'll never go again.

But since most of us do attend again, I hoped Brokaw might relent and asked him to be my date this year.

With his usual blunt charm, he described in delicious detail why he would never again darken the door of the correspondents' dinner.

Feeling shallow and contrite before such superior standards, I feebly offered that I agreed completely, but, you see, I had this dress. Thus, as you are my witness, I vow never again.

At least until next time or Brokaw wears a dress. Kathleen Parker is a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel. Readers may reach her at kathleen parker washpost.

Please keep them to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions to less than words.

Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. All and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers.

The newspaper takes letters must be signed with full name not initials. An address and telephone number must be no responsibility for the content of these letters.

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Due to the Letters to the Editor, Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL , or fax to The Letters Readers with access to the Internet may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald.

Our Town Page 10 C www. We have much to celebrate, beginning with two record years that saw double-digit increases in revenue generated by visitors to our state.

More than 94 million visitors enjoyed Florida's beach- es, waterways, nature and attractions in Statewide, we are on target to reach Gov.

Rick Scott's goal of million by the end of this year. Charlotte County also reaped the benefits of the strongest two years in Florida tourism's history.

Local tourism devel- opment taxes realized gains of up to 21 percent in , making it our best year on record. Some vacation rental management companies reported being sold out for the season as early as October of last year.

High occupancies in adjacent counties contributed to our success as tourists who could not find accommodations in Fort Myers or Sarasota sought lodging here.

The nearly exponen- tial growth of Allegiant airline's flights into Punta Gorda also boosted tourism. In , Allegiant added flights from five airports and another 12 in Flights added from three destinations in Portsmouth, Columbus and Cincinnati brought the total to This big change in the direct accessibility to our desti- nation from midwestern and northern cities has exposed hundreds of thousands of people to our area who might not otherwise have known it was here.

In the first quarter of , almost 74, passengers came through the Punta Gorda airport; in the first quar- ter of , that number more than doubled to , Many of these new visitors are finding that Charlotte County lodg- ing, attractions, services and dining offer some of the best values on the southwestern Gulf Coast.

Those who favor a true "Old Florida" feel over condo canyons, who seek out natural beaches and abundant wildlife, are finding Charlotte County to be ideal.

This growth has many positive impacts. Revenue generated by tourism is not limited to hotels and vacation rentals.

It spills over to gas stations, restaurants, drugstores, shopping centers, movie theaters, boutiques, fishing guides, Realtors, doctors people on vacation still need health care and so much more.

Add to that the many products and services required to support the industry: pool service, lawn care, furniture sales, linens, food and beverages, cleaning supplies, maintenance supplies, bait stores, marine supplies, boat rentals and you can begin to see just how deeply tourism is embedded in the economic fiber of our community.

Growth also comes with challenges. As the person responsible for guiding tourism devel- opment in Charlotte County, I struggle, as do many of my industry colleagues, with growing tourism while still main- taining the quality of life we all enjoy here and the quality of our amazing ecosystem.

What we have is incredibly special. If we resist the temptation to overdevel- op, if we strive to always honor and preserve the natural product we are so blessed to have in abundance, within a very few years people will pay a premium to enjoy it.

We will be one of the last remaining natural areas on the Florida coastline. I have always said, "In a free country, you can't stop development, so the question is more what kind of develop- ment will you have?

You can find sunshine anywhere in Florida, but what we have here is rare. It is why people come to vacation and, very often as a result, to live.

If it is compromised, so is our quality of life. Yes, tourism is the gas that fuels our economy.

However, it should not be our sole focus. We also need low-impact, clean industries that reduce our reliance on tourism.

A diverse economy is a healthy economy. Tom Patton, Charlotte County's economic de- velopment director, and his staff are doing a good job filling that need.

As we celebrate tour- ism week, I am grateful for the economic bless- ings tourism has brought to Charlotte County, par- ticularly in the wake of a historic and very painful recession.

At the same time, I am hopeful we can all work together and grow our economy in a way that protects and preserves those things which make our county the very special place I have grown to love.

Lorah Steiner is the Charlotte County director of tourism. Readers may reach her at lorah. City Council to discuss capital improvements An integral part of the city's annual budget process is preparation of a five-year capital improvements program that highlights infrastructure, fleet and equipment needs.

What is evident from the in- formation is the signif- icant funding shortfall that will occur once the 1 percent local option sales tax sunsets on Dec.

If not renewed, the city will have to des- ignate an alternative rev- enue source, such as the property tax, if it wishes to accomplish elements of the five-year program.

The proposed CIP will be presented at today's council meeting. Sales tax A resolution to support extension of the tax also will be discussed at today's meeting, as well as projects to be funded by the tax over an eight-year period.

Charlotte County is considering asking the voters to extend the tax over eight years instead of six years, in order to fund improvements to the Justice Center.

In that vein, a list of poten- tial projects previously considered by the city's steering committee will be revisited by City Council.

Detailed information can be viewed on the city's website www. Paving program Staff has prepared an analysis of city roads and resurfacing program www.

Some pertinent statistics are: Lighting Improvements to deco- rative lighting in the core downtown area Marion Avenue and Olympia Avenue between the two U.

City Council will discuss this initiative today. Road closure FPL construction plans to close a section of Bal Harbor Boulevard in Punta Gorda today as crews replace a concrete pole.

The work between and Bal Harbor Blvd. Detour signs will be in place to help drivers navigate around the construction area.

Residents who live south of the construction area, including those who live on Bianca Court, will have access to their properties from Aqui Esta Drive.

Residents north of the construction, including those who live on Via Dolce Vita, will have access to their proper- ties fromWest Marion Avenue.

FPL crews will continue their work on Thursday, May 8, but the road will be open to local traffic with only one Where are the big ones biting?

Look in the FishFinder every Thursday, only in Only in t ,he. MichaelMetyk Harbor Blvd. Unit D Podiatric Surgery Port Charlotte, FL Rolex k.

Watches ,. All motorists are urged to use caution when traveling near the construction area and should be alert for workers.

FPL apologizes for any inconvenience while the company works to upgrade the electric infrastructure in the area.

Paint Your Heart Out Punta Gorda was a collabora- tive effort among Team Punta Gorda, Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, Comcast and the city.

What is known to very few are the hours of prep work on these properties in the days leading up to the event. Minor repairs were done, windows were caulked and the homes scraped and pressure washed.

These critically important projects were accomplished by several local builders and contractors who donated their time, talent and materials.

Team volun- teers took care of trim- ming the shrubs around the homes as needed. Without the participation of these local businesses we could never have ac- complished this project.

Howard Kunik is the Punta Gorda city man- ager Readers may reach him at citymgr ci. Can't Afford New Dentures? Call Us Now DR. SUSAN R.

BROOKS Seniors are our Specialty www. MARKGRAF, D. General 5 Implant Dentistry former faculty member. The Florida energy discount program has allowed funding for Homeowners in the counties listed above.

The energy discount program will ASSIST homeowners with home repairs and needed energy efficient upgrades. We currently have money for your home but once it has been reserved there will be no more funding.

Mobile homes now qualify. No Home Owner can be turned away. Contact Your Local Program Provider Toll Free and Reserve Your Money NOW Toll Free: Local: Or Visit www.

CHRISTY FROM PAGE 1 Church of Punta Gorda, according to an informa- tional pamphlet provided at the park. The first stage is creating an office space in the L-shaped porch of the home.

The second, more exciting stage involves re-establishing a children's museum in the 3,square-foot house. While I knew about Tosie, I didn't know much about her father, Fred Quednau, who worked as a "commercial fisherman, a cafe owner, Punta Gorda Mayor and County Sheriff," states the informational pamphlet.

Quednau served as sheriff for 16 years, and had a force of a whopping two SUN PHOTOS BY CHRISTY FEINBERG Charlotte High School student Cierra Gaylord provides tours of the Price House every Sunday.

Starr Zachritz, who runs the art gallery and provides garden tours at 2 p. Sunday, works out of the oldest building in the park.

The History ParkArt Gallery and Gift Shop, which is a great place for one-of-a- kind gifts and souvenirs, is located in the Trabue Land Sales Office.

The building, the oldest in Charlotte County, once served as a post office. The fourth building in the park is the Cigar Cottage, which became the first structure in the park on Oct.

Volunteers do all renova- tions on the buildings. Find relieF From hand and wrist pain through our non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures. Our Doctors are experts in treating: a I RegistriaIIsrer i, di'vid at "hand ar istrdocCirciere Registration is required Stephen Helgemo, M.

Ivan O[arte, M. Volunteers also do the landscaping and garden- ing as well. A farmers market started about three years ago, bringing in 1, to 2, people on Sundays.

On a recent Sunday, visitors some with their dogs shopped for fruits, plants, purses, candles, teas, jewelry and more.

Weddings, parties and reunions can be sched- uled at the History Park, where beautiful lights hang from trees. Fees from events and vendors help pay for the park's bills.

For more information on volunteering, booking an event or other matter about the park, call Louie at or Ldesguin hotmail. You can email her at cfeinberg sun-herald.

Those attending the farmers market at the History Park on Sunday also can tour the buildings, such as the Cigar Cottage. The School District ofDeSoto County Cordially Invites You!

To a Community Meeting to determine interest in developing Lake Suzy Leadership Academy A K-8 school at the former Laurel Oaks Academy at Lake Suzy, Florida.

Please Join Us Thursday May 8th. School Board Chambers LaSolona Ave. Arcadia, FL Witness a presentation about the technology enriched, interactive classrooms and curriculum along with a virtual tour of the pastoral campus where education meets innovation and parents are provided with CHOICES!

Page 2 - Stocks drop on mixed earnings The Dow Jones industrial average fell Page 6 - 10 things to know 1. How global warming is impacting the US A new federal report says that the effects of climate change in America range from heat waves to wild storms to longer allergy seasons.

Seepage 1. Dems focus on Benghazi probe House Democrats opened the door to participate in a special panel investigation.

What political insiders are watching A spate of springtime primaries in the U. Seepage 2. US pledges to help free abducted girls Finding the Nigerian teens is the immediate priority, Obama says - and dealing with the Boko Haram extremists is a close second.

See page 1. Vatican details tries to fight sex abuse It says priests accused of raping and molesting children have been defrocked and another 2, given lesser sanctions over the past decade.

Seepage 8. Can stress inhibit chronic inflammatiouP A study says that the body's immune system will stand down if it undergoes stress. King David's citadel discovery claimed An Israeli archaeologist claims he has found the legendary citadel.

See page 8. Who's hoping to defy gravity Drought-stricken California is considering costly and unusual engineering that would pump water uphill to communities with shortages.

Seepage 9. German art treasure hoarder dies Cornelius Gurlitt was suspected to be in possession of art that had been stolen by Nazis.

Ex-heavyweight champ dies at 74 Jimmy Ellis rose through the amateur ranks with Muhammad Ali in their hometown of Louisville, Ky.

See Sports page 5. I' I ,IIA 1 1 Ihe'wire 'C e Hr www. Laying out her party's conditions, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Republicans must conduct interviews and share information as part of their new inquest into the Obama administration's re- sponse to the Sept.

She called for the same number of Democrats as Republicans on the panel, a demand the GOP majority immedi- ately rejected.

Later, she told reporters that rank- and-file Democrats are "suspicious of whatever the Republicans are trying to do. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

A vote BENGHAZI I4 Warming disrupts lives Federal report blames AP PHOTOS In this Sept. In this May 1 file photo, Marine unit police officer Robert Jonah walks through flood waters from the Schuylkill River on Main Street, in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia.

In this Aug. Fisher Lake in San Angelo, Texas. In this Nov. And it is likely to get worse and more expensive, says a new federal report that is heating up political debate along with the temperature.

Shortly after the re- port came out Tuesday, President Barack Obama used several television weathermen to make his point about the bad weather news and a need for action to curb carbon pollution before it is too late.

This is a problem that is affecting Americans right now," Obama told "Today" show weathercaster Al Roker. So when armed men in uniforms burst in and promised to rescue them, at first they were relieved.

The men went into a store- room and removed all the food. Then they set fire to the room. They were members of the ruthless Islamic extremist group called Boko Haram.

They kidnapped the entire group of girls and drove them away in pickup trucks into the dense forest. Three weeks later, girls are still missing.

At least two have died of snakebite, and about 20 others are ill, according to an intermediary who is in touch with their captors. There were reports MISSING 14 AP PHOTO Protesters march in front of the Nigerian embassy in north- west Washington, Tuesday, protesting the kidnapping of nearly teenage schoolgirls, abducted from a school in a remote northeast area of Nigeria three weeks ago.

Julie Schenecker, 53, is on trial in Tampa for killing year-old Calyx and year-old Beau in January of The Scheneckers are now divorced.

During his question- ing by prosecutors in Hillsborough County Court, Parker Schenecker did not mention Julie Schenecker by name, instead calling her "the defendant" or his He was "ex-wife.

SCHENEcR Defense attorneys say Julie Schenecker suffered from bipolar disorder and depression. She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to two counts of first-de- gree murder.

Parker Schenecker did not show any emotion as he testified for a little more than an hour. He identified various items from the family's home in pho- tographs, and affirmed that the handwriting in a spiral-bound note- book was Julie's.

The year-old read one sticky note aloud: "Tuesday, Feb. Parker said that he had no concerns about the kids' safety KILLINGS 14 In this May 8, , file photo, Rep.

Trey Gowdy, R-S. AP Booming production of oil and natural gas has exacted a little-known price on some of the nation's roads, contributing to a spike in traffic fatalities in states where many streets and highways are choked with large trucks and heavy drilling equipment.

An Associated Press analysis of traffic deaths and U. The industry acknowl- edges the problem, and traffic agencies and oil companies say they are taking steps to improve safety.

But no one imag- ines that the risks will be eliminated quickly or easily. In this photo made on Saturday, March 1, a truck di through an intersection in Clarksburg, W.

In Ma a truck carrying drilling water overturned near the intersection onto a car driven by Lucretia Mazzei, k two sons, 7-year-old Nicholas Mazzei-Saum and his brother Alexander Mazzei-Saum.

The energy boom, fueled largely by new drilling technology, has created badly needed jobs, lifted local econo- mies and drawn global manufacturers back to the United States.

But the frenzy of drilling activity contributes heavily to the flood of traffic of all kinds that experts say has led to the increase in serious accidents and deaths.

Not all of the crashes involved trucks from drilling project' the accidents h. Deadly crashes are Crashes often increase when the volume of traffic goes up, whether because of an improv- AP PHOTO ing economy, a new shopping mall or more rives people moving into the irch of , area.

Still, the number of same traffic fatalities in some killing her regions has climbed far 8-year-old faster than the popula- tion or the number of miles driven.

In one Texas drill- ly injured ing district, drivers were illiding 2. A month mile driven compared ne road, with the statewide achers average.

But she says their affair was consensual and if there was any abuse in- volved, it came afterward, when Clinton's inner circle tried to discredit her and the president's opponents used her as a political pawn.

The former White House intern, now 40, writes about her life in the next issue of Vanity Fair magazine, out this month. In released excerpts, she says she's perhaps the first Internet era scapegoat and wants to speak out on behalf of other victims of online humiliation.

Her willingness to step forward may come at an inopportune time as former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton considers running for president.

Republicans have signaled they don't consider her husband's scandal from the late s out of bounds in the realm of style In this July 11,, file photo, Monica Lewinsky a a special screening of"The Score" in New York.

Lew there's no question her boss, Bill Clinton, "took adv her when he was president. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a likely GOP presidential contender, answered criticisms of the Republican record on women's issues by saying in January that the last Democratic president engaged in "predatory behavior" with a woman, Lewinsky, who was 22 when her liaisons with writes, it's time to stop "tiptoeing around my past and other people's futures.

I am determined to have a different ending to my story. I've decided, finally, to stick my head above the parapet.

Lewinsky broke her silence in with AP PHOTO a blockbuster interview arrives for with Barbara Walters, tinsky says gave several subsequent vantage"of interviews and cooper- ated with author Andrew Clinton began in Clinton's lies about the relationship contributed to his impeachment by the House in ; the Senate acquitted him.

Lewinsky writes that she deeply regrets the affair and made a point of staying silent through several presidential cam- paigns to avoid becoming a distraction.

Now, she Morton on his book the same year, entitled "Monica's Story. Any 'abuse' came in the aftermath, when I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position.

Kay Hagan in the first of a springtime spate of prima- ries testing the strength of a tea party movement that first rocked the party four years ago.

In Ohio, U. House Speaker John Boehner sought renomination for another term in Congress, his 13th. And in Indiana, Republican Rep.

Susan Brooks easily fended off her challenge from the right, rolling up 75 percent of the votes in a three-way race.

In North Carolina, Tillis was winning 47 percent of the vote with ballots counted in 2 percent of the state's precincts.

Greg Brannon was running second, and Mark Harris third. State law requires a July 15 runoff unless one of the candidates draws at least 40 percent in the first round.

Also in North Carolina, both parties held primaries to select candidates for a special election to replace former Rep.

MelvinWatt in a heavily Democratic seat, and former 'American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken was one of three contenders for the Democratic nomina- tion to oppose Republican Rep.

Renee Ellmers in the fall. Tuesday marked the beginning of the political primary season in earnest, and over the next several months Republicans will hold numerous contests featuring incumbents or other establishment figures against tea party challengers.

Venus Williams China Open , Beijing, China 1. Novak Djokovic 2. Rafael Nadal 3. Berdych 4. Grigor Dimitrov 6. Andy Murray 7. Ernests Gulbis 8.

John Isner Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships , Tokyo, Japan 1. Stanislas Wawrinka 2. David Ferrer 3.

Milos Raonic 4. Kei Nishikori 5. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6. Roberto Bautista Agut 7. Kevin Anderson 8. Alexandr Dolgopolov. Stanislas Wawrinka - Tokyo R32 5.

Marin Cilic - Beijing R16 6. Kei Nishikori - Tokyo R32 7. David Ferrer - Lost in Tokyo R32 8. Tomas Berdych - Beijing R32 9.

Milos Raonic - Tokyo R32 Andy Murray - Beijing R32 Grigor Dimitrov - Beijing R October Do you play this tennis?

And the field is set! SERENA MARIA SIMONA PETRA ANA GENIE AGA CARO. BEIJING, China - Maria Sharapova conjured up some of her three-setter magic in the final of the China Open on Sunday, rallying past Petra Kvitova for the Premier Mandatory-level title, , , Watch highlights, interviews and more video from Beijing right here on wtatennis.

Sharapova cruised through to the final without dropping a set, and after tucking the first set away with no drama, it looked as though that trend was going to continue.

But the No. The No. You don't always quite get a good rhythm. She goes for a lot of shots, very deep, and she's a very good, confident player.

It's probably the toughest opponent you can face in a final, that's had that success, yet you just want to focus on your side, what you do best.

I think I took a few too many steps back and let her play that way. But I was able to lift my game again in the third and come out with a win.

I just didn't end up with a positive result. Within the time frame of only a couple of days until my first round here, I just had to settle down a bit.

Sometimes it just takes a few little things to change things around - maybe some of those results ultimately get you to this position.

Serena Williams leads the tour with six. Additionally, the Russian will rise from No. Kvitova was probably a little tired on the day - she went all the way to the title in Wuhan last week and extended that unbeaten run to the final here - but she was as gracious a runner-up as ever.

It was small things and small points that made the difference in the end. I had some chances, but Maria just didn't let them go. And we played two and a half, so I hope the fans enjoyed it too.

Kei Nishikori captured his second Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships title on Sunday to further improve his chances of becoming the first Asian player to qualify for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals next month.

Nishikori defeated fellow London hopeful Milos Raonic, the same player he beat for the Tokyo title, 5 , , under a closed roof at the Ariake Colosseum.

The final lasted two hours and 13 minutes. Nishikori is currently No. Raonic is placed at No. Five of the eight singles spots remain up for grabs at the prestigious season finale, to be held at The O2 in London from November.

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have booked their places. These next few weeks will be really important for me.

Benneteau last week. Four of his seven trophies have come in If I had lost the tie-break, I might have screwed up the whole match.

He started aggressively and I think it was one of my toughest games against Milos. I am really happy to win.

He had a lot of chances in the third set; he almost broke my serve a couple of times. After the US Open, it was hard to maintain my motivation.

We have practised more on the court and also physical work. Beating a few Top 10 guys over the past year has helped my confidence.

Against Kei, he just played better when it came down to the third set [in ]. I have felt I have always been in the thick of things the past two years, so I would say two years ago was more disappointing.

Raonic approached the net, striking down the line, but Nishikori reacted quickly to whip a forehand crosscourt winner into space to clinch the minute set.

Raonic responded by playing closer to the baseline. But Nishikori was soon under pressure again. Two points later, Nishikori struck a backhand into the net to give Raonic hit first service break.

Raonic lost five of his service points in the minute second set. Team NishikoriIn the decider, it was Nishikori who applied pressure. Ten thousand spectators in the Ariake Colosseum celebrated his win.

Nishikori was in tears when he hugged his coach, Michael Chang. At the beginning, the match was passing by really quick, but in the second and third set it was really good.

He has been playing with a lot of confidence, he went for his shots and it paid off. Kei has, consistently over the past few weeks, also played at a high level.

The match was high quality and I look forward to the next challenge in Shanghai. I need to turn up there with the right attitude and fight again.

World No. The Serb has not dropped a set all week in adding to the trophies he won in d. Cilic , d. Ferrer , d. Tsonga and d. Top seed Djokovic looked on course for a double bagel scoreline as he served for the match at in the second set.

But Berdych, having already offered his racquet to a ball kid in desperation, dug in to restore some pride before Djokovic served out victory at the second attempt in 67 minutes.

Especially against Tomas, who has a big game and is already an experienced player. It was , in under an hour. Everything I tried worked.

To be proud of the performance is the least I can say of how I played tonight. But with this kind of performance and with this domination result-wise, I mean it's never happened.

The year-old Berdych had been chasing valuable points in the Emirates ATP Race To London. The Czech is up to No.

There is really not much I can add to that because, really, I was just swept off the court. But I have never, ever experienced anything like that.

Tennis - ATP - J r my Chardy met un terme sa saison sur le circuit ATP Sur son compte Instagram, J r my Chardy a annonc ce vendredi qu'il Tennis - ATP - Anvers - Anvers: la grosse col re de Karen Khachanov, limin par Dan Evans. Depending on your budget, you may need to adjust your betting spiel slots online sizzling spielen kostenlos accordingly jГ©rГ©my chardy the number of paylines that are available on this slot machine. JГ©rГ©my Chardy: "Djokovic est toujours mon favori" Le FranГ§ais JГ©rГ©my Chardy n'ira pas plus loin que le deuxiГЁme tour. Le Palois s'est inclinГ© face au nВ°2 mondial Novak Djokovic en 3 manches. AprГЁs la rencontre, le nВ°46 mondial est revenu sur le match et son adversaire, sur qui il miserait bien une piГЁce pour. A Rome, Richard Gasquet perd en deux jours contre Chardy: 0: 0: Federer trop fort en second tour de Madrid 0: 0: Richard Gasquet remporte son match de retour Madrid: 0: 0: Open Sud de France Gasquet de passage: 0: 0: Open Sud de France Un tableau. -ajout de Georges Goven, Florent Serra, J r me Golmard, J r my Chardy, Dominique Bedel, Julien Boutter, Anthony Dupuis, J r me Haehnel, Virginie Razzano, Pauline Parmentier, Sarah Pitkowski, Isabelle Demongeot, Nathalie Herreman, Karine Quentrec, Pascale Paradis et Nathalie Fuchs. Aryna Sabalenka [11]. Djokovic macht am Ende Wizard Gems den Punkt mit einem klasse Schmetterball. US Open Alle Nachrichten zum legendären Tennis-Turnier in New York sowie Serena Williams wütet im US-Open-Finale gegen den Schiedsrichter.

JГ©rГ©my Chardy davon. - Finale Us Open 2020 Video

Yasutaka Uchiyama. Biathlon Östersund Biathlon-Weltcup / Biathlon Saison / - unsere neuen Reisetermine. Östersund (SWE) - Biathlon Weltcup 1 bis Hochfilzen . JГ©rГ©my Chardy Jérémy Chardy (* február , Pau, Francúzsko) je súčasný francúzsky profesionálny tenista. 36 vzťahy. Australian No.1 Nick Kyrgios. JГ©rГ©my Chardy It took Dimitrov five sets and more than three hours to beat Chardy , , , , With this success, he has made it to the third round of. Ähnlich wie beim Punkt „kostenloses Girokonto“ lässt. JГ©rГ©my Chardy It took Dimitrov five sets and more than three hours to beat Chardy , , , , He also emerged victorious in Delray Beach and on Scuba Online soil at the PBZ Zagreb Indoors this year. But To Win, having already Jo Enochs his racquet to a ball kid in desperation, dug in to restore some pride before Djokovic served out victory at the second attempt in 67 Cherokee Nc. Tomassetti San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina Ver todo mi perfil.

Paar Euro drauf, Tipicode v. - Finale Us Open 2020 Zwischen Motivationen, Anwesenheit und Abwesenheit

ATP NextGen. Being the son of a military father, he lived in many Nelson different states and Yalova, Turkey. You easily could have a. Jelena Jankovic 2. Swick's family would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all his caregivers at Eddy Village Green at Beverwyck for all the compassionate care given to Dad. Before these students fully embark on their Opencard career, whether at UM or some other institution, they must first improve their proficiency in English and their grasp of See INFLUX, Page A9. Ernests Gulbis 4. He Church with a reception to was a Citystate Tower Hotel listener and nothing follow. The figures include new students — up from new international Bet At Home App last year. MARKGRAF, D. A Farewell Ceremony will take place at PM, Thursday, May 8th at Farley Funeral Home, North Port Chapel. I COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS Leadership prepares for fiesta fundraisers The Leadership Charlotte class of is gearing up for its two fiesta-themed fundrais- ers May 17 in benefit of Special Olympics Florida JГ©rГ©my Chardy Charlotte Euromillions Г¶sterreich, the Jammers Youth Basketball League of the Punta Gorda Police Department, and Girls on the Run of Southwest Florida. He sold real estate during the summers to put his children through college.


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