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The Real Ghostbusters

The Real Ghostbusters ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die auf der Handlung des Films. Die drei etwas durchgedrehten Doktoren Venkman, Stantz und Spengler eröffnen einen Geisterjäger-Service. Dabei erleben sie zahlreiche Abenteuer: Sie schlagen sich durch die Unterwelt, erkunden Geisterhäuser, und fangen Geister und Phantome. Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»The Real Ghostbusters - Die komplette Serie (SD on Blu-ray) [3 BRs]«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt online bestellen!

The Real Ghostbusters - Kaufen Sie The Real Ghostbusters - Die komplette Serie (21 Discs) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»The Real Ghostbusters - Die komplette Serie (SD on Blu-ray) [3 BRs]«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt online bestellen! Find The Real GHOSTBUSTERS - Box 2 (10 DVDs) at Movies & TV​, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray.

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The Real Ghostbusters

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Benjamin Völz [1] [2].
The Real Ghostbusters The Ghostbusters are tricked into letting their guard down and get captured by ghosts. Edit Storyline An animated series loosely based on the movie Tottenham Barcelona and the TV series "The Real Ghostbusters". On Page 4, Gozer takes on the form of Hob Anagarak from "Cold Cash and Hot Water". The Real Ghostbusters was to many kids and adults the pinnacle of 's television cartoons. With usually impressive animation and the winning combination of horror, comedy and action-adventure that the made original movie a classic, "The Real Ghostbusters" flew in the face of standard Saturday morning shows. The Real Ghostbusters is an American animated television series based on the film Ghostbusters. The series ran from to , and was produced by Co. The Real Ghostbusters arcade game was developed not by David Crane, but rather by Data East. It’s a more straightforward run-and-gun action game more suitable to the arcade than the first Ghostbusters title, though it’s not as well known since it was never ported to consoles, only European computers. The Real Ghostbusters Promo. The animated television series The Real Ghostbusters premiered on ABC on September 13, It continued airing weekly until the series conclusion on October 5, After the first season aired, the series entered syndication, during which new episodes aired each weekday.
The Real Ghostbusters rows · Tratta dal film del Ghostbusters, questa serie televisiva continua da dove si era . The Real Ghostbusters ITA giovedì 18 luglio Buondì a tutti, come forse avrete notato, le consuete teste di cazzo hanno segnalato i cartoni dei Real GB che avevo caricato su Youtube, e come al solito l'account è stato rimosso.
The Real Ghostbusters

To the right of Egon is the shut off switch of the animated Containment Unit seen in "Ghosts R Us" and "The Revenge of Murray the Mantis".

Behind Winston is the Fail Safe scanner of the animated Containment Unit from "Mrs. On Page 5, the right of the Gremlins is part of the Winston Car's face from "Don't Forget the Motor City".

Gremlins from "Don't Forget the Motor City" also appear. On Page 6, a portrait of Mr. Abernathy from "Don't Forget the Motor City" hangs behind the Mayor.

On Page 7, the Generous Motors from "Don't Forget the Motor City" is on the spine of one of the books on the Mayor's desk On Page 8, the Crash Test Dummy is based on Larry the Crash Test Dummy, who was voiced by Lorenzo Music.

On Page 9, Egon is reading a copy of Who's Who in the Spirit World from "Revenge of the Ghostmaster". On Page 12, Egon studies readings from the Ecto-Aroma Eliminator from "Masquerade".

On Page 14, Halliwell from "Masquerade" appears to the left of the ghosts. On Page 29, Peter is dressed like how his animated counterpart did on The Real Ghostbusters' "Camping it Up" and even is visually based on him.

In Ghostbusters Volume 1 10 : On Cover B, Malachi from "Play Them Ragtime Blues" is in the second E, Imps from "Janine's Day Off" is on the desk and by the computer, there is also a Creature Magazine Peter reads in the "Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters" title sequence.

Below the postcard is the Hotel Boudreaux from "Play Them Ragtime Blues". On Page 1, Dahlia from "Moaning Stones" is adorned as the head on the float.

Marie Cuttie from "Play Them Ragtime Boos" is in the parade. Malachi and his band from "Play Them Ragtime Boos" play in the parade.

On Page 2, Peter and Winston are in 'classic' civies from The Real Ghostbusters. On Page 3, on the table is the recon helicopter from "The Hole in the Wall Gang".

Egon is in 'classic civies' from The Real Ghostbusters. On Page 6, the Moaning Stones of Tangalla from "Moaning Stones" are on the table by Ray.

One of the paintings is of the Hotel Boudreaux from "Play Them Ragtime Boos". On Page 7, near Marie Laveau II is the African Fetish Ghost from "Deadcon 1".

On Page 11, one of the establishments is named Kishnar's, a reference to Kishnar from "Very Beast Friends".

On Page 14, Winston yells, "Shimabuku! On Page 19, the Ghostbusters are dressed in civies their animated counterparts wore in "Dairy Farm". The Undying One from "Moaning Stones" adorns the gate post.

On Page 21, Peter is dressed like he did in "Camping it Up". The Fizz Cola sign references "Jailbusters" when Winston was lured to a Fizz commercial shoot and to a giant sign on the building next to the animated version of the Firehouse throughout the series.

On Page 22, a Glorp! On Page 25, Peter mentions his mother, just like in The Real Ghostbusters, but it is intended as a reference to a road horror movie.

Bigfoot from "Camping it Up" is in the bushes. In Ghostbusters Volume 1 11 : On Cover B, the Vampiric Alien Ghost from "Spacebusters" is in the R, The Creature from "Ain't NASA-Sarily So" is in the O, W, and L, the ghost in the B.

Facility in "Big Trouble With Little Slimer" is in the S, and The Slug from The Real Ghostbusters NOW Comics Volume 1, Issue 2 is in the E.

On Page 2, the Silver Iodide Device from "The Man Who Never Reached Home" is on one of the blankets. The Sub-etheric Multichannel Differential Analyzer from "The Grundel" is on one of the blankets.

Egon's Inflatable Raft unactivated from "Camping it Up" is on one of the blankets. The B. Receptacle from "Big Trouble With Little Slimer" is on one of the blankets.

Egon's Quonset Hut still in its case form from "Camping It Up" is on one of the blankets. Egon uses the Multifunction Device from "Sticky Business" to run scans.

On Page 5, Winston is dressed up like his animated counterpart in the first part of "Night Game". On Page 10, fliers outside Ray's Occult references three episodes of The Real Ghostbusters: "Adventures in Slime and Space", "Ain't NASA-Sarily So", and "Guess What's Coming to Dinner".

On Page 11, the Vampiric Alien Ghost from "Spacebusters" is on the blue card below the pay phone. To the right of Winston is Foul Grungy from "Guess What's Coming to Dinner" on the box.

On the TV screen is a still of the Experimental Space Platform Galileo crew from "Ain't NASA-Sarily So". On Page 19, next to Paul with his back turned is Calahan from "Big Trouble With Little Slimer".

On Page 20, the signs outside the cafe reference the Fearsome Flush Kenner toy and "Ain't NASA-sarily So". On Page 26, the Particle Thrower resembles the version seen on The Real Ghostbusters.

In Ghostbusters Volume 1 12 : On Cover B, the Grundel is in the "S". On the ticket is a reference to Vince Braggs Promotions from "Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie?

Also referenced on the ticket is WBOO the Big Boo from "Station Identification". On Page 1, Charon's Patisserie references Charon from "Hanging By a Thread".

Exiting Pequod's are the Glick Brothers from "The Devil to Pay". On Page 2, Winston is wearing and using the Ecto-Headphones with Radar Blaster toy from Kenner's Weapon Action Figure line.

On Page 4, parked across the street from Ecto-1a is Count Vostok's Car from "Transylvanian Homesick Blues". On Page 5, behind Peter and Foley is a salon referencing the Makoveris Lotsabucks from "Janine, You've Changed".

On Page 9, parked outside KBIB is Kenner's Wicked Wheelie toy from the Haunted Vehicles line. In the flashback, on the shelf below the slime is a doll of Loci from "Egon's Dragon".

On Page 12, to the right of the neon sign is the logo from the Central Flower Market from "Standing Room Only". Ray is fiddling with the Proton Electroencephalograph from "Venk-Man!

On Page 19, to the right of the man is Dewey LaMort from "Ghost Fight at the O. A sticker on the front door of City Hall features the pizza, pork chop, and watermelon that came with Kenner's Green Ghost toy from the Classic Ghosts line.

In Ghostbusters Volume 1 13 : On Page 1, a bottle of Yuppie Water from "Short Stuff" is seen tossed around.

Running from the scene are the younger versions of Al Capone and Mann seen in a recap in "The Ghostbusters Live! On Page 4, also on the wall is a portrait of the ghost of Al Capone is standing in front of his tomb at Mount Carmel Cemetery in "The Ghostbusters Live!

One of the underlings in Al Capone's Gang from "The Ghostbusters Live! On Page 5, almost all the vehicles on the bridge are from "Troll Bridge".

The tug boat is from "Ghosts R Us". On Page 6, to the far left of Ecto-1a is the box of contaminated jump suits from "Citizen Ghost".

On Page 7, Roger is wearing the white tuxedo Egon wore in "A Fright at the Opera". Imps, from "Janine's Day Off", can be seen by Ray and Winston and between Winston and Roger.

Ray and Winston are wearing their animated counterparts' jumpsuits. On Page 8, another Imp is on Janine's computer in the last panel.

On Page 11, Dr. Perkins and the children's hospital from "Sticky Business" are referenced on one of the giant posters hanging from the Met.

Marty Tillis and his twin assistants are in the row above Janine and Roger. Janine and Roger reference Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries," which initially didn't go so well in "A Fright at the Opera" either.

On Page 13, Egon hands the bill to Artie Grendel from "Lights! On Page 17, Joe Magic from "The Cabinet of Calamari" is among the audience.

On Page 19, a Slimer sticker is on the utility box for the cross walk. On Page 20, Egon's line about energy cannot be destroyed is a nod to the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Egon's animated counterpart also brings this up in "Robo-Buster" where a businessman named Paul Smart steals the Ghostbusters' designs and creates the Robo-Buster that 'destroyed' ghosts with dire consequences.

In Ghostbusters Volume 1 14 : On Page 2, near the cliff is a book buried in the snow, the Codex of Saint Theophilus from "Apocalypse - - What, Now? To the right of the Spirit Guide is the black ice block containing Hob Anagarak from "Cold Cash and Hot Water" On Page 4, the periodical Janine is reading mentions and has a photo of the relic that served as Samhain's prison seen in "When Halloween Was Forever".

On the front desk phone is a note for Ray to call Aunt Lois, a relative of the animated version of Ray in The Real Ghostbusters.

Samhain's Two Goblin Minions appear in the left box in the newspaper Peter holds out. On the right corner of the newspaper is Louise from "Janine's Day Off" with the headline "Attacked By Imps".

Below Louise is a headline for the Celtic exhibit Janine was reading about. On the lower left corner of the newspaper is Lynn Stacy from "The Halloween Door".

As Peter goes upstairs, Janine is reading a Celebrity Magazine, a periodical from "The Devil in the Deep," featuring Elvis. On Page 5, also in the kitchen on the coffee pot is an Imp from "Janine's Day Off".

On the bottom shelf is Gregor's treasure chest from "No One Comes to Lupusville". On Page 7, on the ground to the left of Walter Peck is the B.

Receptacle from "Big Trouble With Little Slimer". Like in Issue 4, the framed Pacific Monthly makes reference to the B. On Page 8, in the last panel, at the bottom of the framed article, is an email address of Cynthia Crawford - a reporter from The Real Ghostbusters.

On Page 9, Egon's device is visually based on the Ethereal Solidifier from "Once Upon a Slime". Behind the Solidifier is what appears to be the Electronic Positronic Anti-Halloween Machine from "The Halloween Door".

The satellite array around the roof is based on Dr. Crowley's at his residence in "The Halloween Door". Schematics of Samhain's fortress and some arcade games appear on the Solidifier's screen.

On Page 10, the Pimple Detection Device from "Three Men and an Egon" is on the desk. Also on the desk is a Kenner toy, Ecto-Plazm. Egon's batteries have Killerwatt from "Killerwatt" on them.

On Page 11, Slimer's fairytale book from "Once Upon a Slime" is on top of the Ethereal Solidifier like in the episode. On Page 12, Mr. Howard from "The Collect Call of Cathulhu" is on the bench by the vendor.

The vendor has Yuppie Water from "Short Stuff". On Page 19, one of the arcades nods to Power Guy from "Station Identification". The two Goblins Egon used to set up spotlights in "When Halloween Was Forever" are in the upper left part of the board.

Under these goblins' photo is the Zone Dewbies slang the Goblins used. The Infinity Symbol, used to free Samhain in "When Halloween Was Forever," is in the lower left part of the board.

On the table is a miniature Electronic Positronic Anti-Halloween Machine. Next to the machine is half of the Containment Rock Crystal from "If I Were a Witch Man".

Next to the crystal is a miniature model of the Robo-Buster. Near Robo-Buster, on the board, is the anti-Ghostbusters logo seen in a television advertisement and aphoto of the Pig Snouted Demon from "Robo-Buster".

Robo-Busters "unlawful entity" line is written above the Pig Demon photo. The "Exorcism" book Ray uses in "If I Were A Witch Man" is in the lower right corner.

The Power Guy arcade shows the planet Peternia, Power Guy's home, from "Station Identification". In Ghostbusters Volume 1 15 : The RI Cover is a homage to a scene from the first title sequence of The Real Ghostbusters.

The Big Mohawk Ghost, Big Spike Ghost, Caterpillar Ghost, Eye Visor Ghost, Horizontal Grin Ghost, Mean Ghost, Big with Mean Teeth Ghost, and Big Mouth Ghost all appear in their respective areas on the cover.

Also appearing are Slimer, Kenner Classic Egon's Gulper Ghost, Kenner Classic Ray's Wrapper Ghost, Kenner Classic Peter's Grabber Ghost, and Kenner Classic Winston's Chomper Ghost.

On Page 1, the ABS news ticker refers to Grossjuck Industries and Paul Smart from "Robo-Buster". In the last panel when the feed is lost, Sandy Van Sanders and Roone Ancient are on the adjoining screens from "Egon on the Rampage".

On Page 2, Sandy Van Sanders reports from ABS Studios, both from "Egon on the Rampage". On Page 4, the Omni magazine cover features Robo-Buster from "Robo-Buster".

On Page 5, on the back of Egon's pocket computer is "Marsha" the name of his animated counterpart's computer in "Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie?

The Thanksgiving Day parade poster mentions Stacy's Department Store from "Killerwatt". The poster also refers to Murray the Mantis and his role in "The Revenge of Murray the Mantis".

Cut off on the right is the Some One poster the Clock Ghost crashed into in Times Square in "Three Men and An Egon". On Page 7, on the dashboard is the Air Sickness from the Haunted Vehicles line of Kenner, this completes the appearances all three vehicles in the ongoing series.

On Page 10, the Grossjuck Plaza can be seen on the left. On Page 11, Alice's books are "Who's Who and What's That," "Spirit Summonings and Conjurations," and "Lochmore's Guide to the Lower Regions".

Vince Braggs from "Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie? On Page 12, the Traps and Mega Trap are connected to the generator for Peter's thrower at the end of "The Devil in the Deep" On Page 18, the billboard references ABS Studios again.

On Page 20, to the right is the Stacy's building. In Ghostbusters Volume 1 16 : On Page 1, the designs of some of the pedestrians are borrowed from the ones seen in "X-Mas Marks the Spot" after the Ghostbusters returned home from the Time Slip.

The gentleman with the mustache is the one who remarks "Bah humbug! The woman who relayed the story of how Ebenezer Scrooge defeated the three Ghosts of Christmas is near the bottom-right corner of the panel.

Winston's outfit is the one his animated counterpart wore "X-Mas Marks the Spot". In the last panel to the right of Winston on the bin is a sticker for "A Christmas Humbug", a book from "X-Mas Marks the Spot" written by Scrooge.

On Page 2, in the store display are copies of "A Christmas Humbug", a book from "X-Mas Marks the Spot" and the safe chained to the ghost of Jacob Marley.

The Marley's store, itself, is a reference to Jacob Marley. On Page 5, Janine's outfit is from "Janine's Day Off". The writer of the article is UBN reporter Cynthia Crawford.

On Page 6, the Ghost Boy appears to be visually based on Tiny Tim. On Janine's computer is a shot of the Containment Unit universe when Egon went inside in "X-Mas Marks the Spot".

On Page 8, half buried object in the snow behind Egon is the Rosebud sled from "Ghostbuster of the Year". On Page 10, Ray, Egon and Peter are also wearing the outfits their animated counterparts wore in "X-Mas Marks The Spot".

On Page 11, the doorknocker is based on Jacob Marley. On Page 12, three of the portraits are of the Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present, and Ghost of Christmas Future from "X-Mas Marks the Spot".

On Page 17, Winston uses a Real Ghostbusters Trap on Adams. On Page 19, the bedroom is styled after Ebenezer Scrooge's in "X-Mas Marks The Spot".

On the top shelf are Marley's safe and a copy of A Christmas Humbug. In Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters : The Real Ghostbusters star in an original story.

On the Back Cover, the Boogieman, Sandman, and Samhain are mentioned in the text. In Ghostbusters Volume 2 1 : The story arc title "New Ghostbusters" is in the style from The Real Ghostbusters' logo.

On the Subscription Variant Cover, on the front page of Janine's newspaper is a photo of the Necronomicon from Ray's newspaper in "The Collect Call of Cathulhu".

Above the photo of the Necronomicon is the "Oh My Gosh" headline from the Tombstone Epitaph special edition in "Ghost Fight at the O.

There is a photo of Egon's sketch of the Central Park Twister from "Flip Side". On the desk are the robot and purple lizard toys and tape recorder from Peter's desk in "Citizen Ghost".

On the top shelf, on the left, on top of a stack below Janosz Poha and Lou Kamaka's photos is the Barometric Analyzer from "Flip Side". On Page 1, Janine is wearing a classic outfit her animated counterpart wore on The Real Ghostbusters.

In the background is a Proton Pack from The Real Ghostbusters. The three labels on the file cabinets reference characters from The Real Ghostbusters: Mr.

Abernathy, President of Generous Motors in "Don't Forget the Motor City", The Carter Kids in "The Boogieman Cometh", Mr. Nel la stessa compagnia di giocattoli ha commercializzato anche le riproduzioni a misura d'uomo o di bambino in questo caso dell'equipaggiamento dei quattro eroi, come lo zaino protonico, il PKE Meter e la trappola.

Nel ad opera di Neca e Joyride e nel ad opera di Mattel e Diamond hanno prodotto delle ulteriori serie di Action Figures, questa volta ispirate al film originale del Altri progetti.

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Disambiguazione — Se stai cercando il videogioco, vedi The Real Ghostbusters videogioco.

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Dimensioni vedi tutti. Condizione vedi tutti. Edit Storyline Animated cartoon series that followed the hit movie.

Plot Keywords: s s reference to tombstone arizona gunfight at the o. Taglines: They're here to save the world again! Edit Did You Know?

Trivia The 13 part first season and the second, 65 episode season were commissioned at the same time. The first to air during ABC's traditional Saturday morning network slot and the second to be broadcast in syndication from Monday through Friday on local television stations.

This meant that a total of 78 stories were needed right from the start. Whereas the syndicated shows would usually be approved immediately, the network shows received a lot of feedback and alteration requests.

Goofs The Ghostbusters are on several occasions seen using helicopters, but these helicopters have neither tail rotors nor contra-rotating rotors.

The lack of one or the other of these should mean that the helicopters would simply spin around due to torsional force.

While the helicopters do appear similar to autogyros, they lack the rear propeller, so they are not autogyros. Quotes Peter : [ Peter singing in the shower when suddenly Slimer pours out of the faucet above and onto his head ] Slimer!

How about some privacy! Alternate Versions The german dubbed version has a slightly different audio-track for the opening sequence. Her voice was also softened with Kath Soucie taking over the voice role from Laura Summer.

Most of these changes were the result of ABC hiring a consulting firm called Q5, in an attempt for guidance on improving the network's low ratings for their Saturday Morning lineup, a move strongly criticized by show writers J.

Michael Straczynski and Michael Reaves. At the start of the series' fourth season in , the opening was completely redone to center around Slimer.

Eventually the episodes were expanded from their original half-hour format to last an hour, and the overall feel of the show was changed to be more youthful, with episodes having a lighter tone to be less frightening.

Straczynski was a story editor on the series, and wrote episodes for every season except four and seven. By season 5, Louis Tully was added to the show in order to follow Ghostbusters II.

Recording for the show took place in Los Angeles, California. The cast always recorded together, instead of separately.

The show originally aired on ABC for its full run, except for the second season, which ran in syndication at the same time as the third season ran on ABC.

Later, reruns of the show appeared on the USA Network 's USA Cartoon Express from September 16, [20] to September 11, The Real Ghostbusters Soundtrack was released in on CD, records, and cassette by PolyGram Records.

The episodes on the cassettes were from the first season of syndication. In and again in , Sony released bare bones episode compilations in the United Kingdom and United States, respectively.

The DVD release of Ghostbusters II also included two episodes of the series as bonus features, "Citizen Ghost", a story focusing on events set immediately after the first movie , and "Partners in Slime" this episode has the original broadcast version and the original end logos—DiC "Kid In Bed" and Columbia Pictures Television logos, respectively , which featured the psycho-active slime from Ghostbusters II and a brief mention of its villain Vigo the Carpathian.

On May 27, , Time Life announced they had acquired the home video rights to the series and would release a complete series set on DVD in the Fall of Both featured lenticular printing , the firehouse version to show the Ecto-1 and the black version to have oozing "slime".

Volumes 4 and 5 were not released due to poor sales. The Time Life releases have been discontinued and are now out of print. On May 5, , it was announced that Sony would begin re-releasing the series on DVD in Region 1.

Volumes 1—5 each containing 11 or 12 episodes were released on July 5, Additionally, title cards were removed from all episodes in the first 5 volumes title and writer credits were superimposed over the animated opening.

The complete first season was released on DVD in Australia on June 3, , [37] and in the UK on June 15, In , a sequel cartoon entitled Extreme Ghostbusters , was created by Columbia TriStar Television and Adelaide Productions.

It premiered on September 1, and ran for forty episodes until its conclusion on December 8, A carnevale ogni spettro vale.

Spettri Pirati. Il medium pasticcione. Lo zio Ciro. Uno, cento, mille Slimer. L'arbitro misterioso. Spirito goliardico.

Un fantasma nello spazio. Cartoni troppo animati. Paura all'opera. La balena bianca. Squadra anticrimine. Il pilastro misterioso.

Dieci piccoli indiani. La fine del mondo. Un rock indiavolato. Chi ha paura dello spettro cattivo? Appesi ad un filo. Mister miliardo.

Il goblin con la faccia di cane. Il cavaliere misterioso. Un libro pericoloso. Vacanza scozzese.

Fischmarinaden wiki All wikis. The Treasure of Sierra Tamale. Marilyn Lightstone. Winston's T-shirt has the symbol of the forces of good from "Night Game" and the shirt itself is in a color scheme of his animated counterpart's jumpsuit. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Fantasmi da salvare. On the Subscription Stadt Spiele Cover, on the front page of Janine's newspaper is a photo of the Necronomicon from Ray's newspaper in "The Collect Call of Cathulhu". Fantasmi a congresso. One of the two books in Wolfsburg Gegen Gladbach lower left has the Icon Ghost on it. Egon, from The Real Ghostbusters, mentions the Sedgewick Hotel. Il drago verde. For other uses, see The Real Ghostbusters disambiguation. The swing arms look more like the movie version, but their location recalls the cartoon's. Die drei etwas durchgedrehten Doktoren Venkman, Stantz und Spengler eröffnen einen Geisterjäger-Service. Dabei erleben sie zahlreiche Abenteuer: Sie schlagen sich durch die Unterwelt, erkunden Geisterhäuser, und fangen Geister und Phantome. The Real Ghostbusters ist eine von 19produzierte US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die auf dem Spielfilm Ghostbusters – Die Geisterjäger von. - Kaufen Sie The Real Ghostbusters - Die komplette Serie (21 Discs) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. Eine lose auf dem Film "Ghostbusters" basierende Trickserie. Die Geisterjäger gehen immer noch ihrer Jagd auf übernatürliche Störenfriede nach, haben aber.
The Real Ghostbusters


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